Tail of the Dragon 2015

Run we made during SSP’s 5th Annual Cruise. This year we returned to North Carolina and Tennessee to hit a few great roads. This is the climb on the Tail of the Dragon in the lead car. The run is in a 2002 Dodge Viper. Shot on a Garmin VIRB XE.

Do yourself a favor, 1080P and full screen.

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The GoPro Incident…

Back on our 2014 SSP Octover Cruise we had a small incident with one of the Cameras. Jump to 1 minute in the video for the action!

We manage to pass a GoPro from a Jeep STR8 to a 3rd Gen Chevrolet Camaro IROCZ while making some locals quite mad! Oh, and watch out for the curse words!

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SSP Virginia Rail Cruise 2012

Virginia Rail Cruise 2012. SSP Miami, a car club in Miami, FL goes up to Virginia for a 5 day cruise through some of the best mountain roads in the country. This is a photo and video compilation of the trip. Photos are those shot by the members and the video footage is shot on 7 GoPro cameras mounted on different cars during the trip.

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